New book cover! And website changes

Ah, the joys of being an artist.

One minute you’ve figured out your career path. The next minute, nine months have passed and you’ve found yourself stuck in a rut with nothing to show for it.

Or have you really nothing to show for it?

I think part of the artistic journey is the struggle of finding your rhythm, especially as a writer, or musician, or actor; whatever other artistic venture you decide to embark on, it’s exponentially frustrating. Your profession isn’t exactly the most sought after in a money-making society, but at the same time, your profession is the most consumed in a money-spending society. Strange isn’t it, that we continuously employ doctors, accountants, and lawyers fresh from university, while their artistic colleagues are left to wipe their arses with the paper that’s printed on their Bachelors of Art certification, yet society demands from us more music, movies, and entertainment in ever increasing quantity and quality.

Bloody, bloody, strange.

Anyway, with every problem given I’m always looking for the opportunity to provide myself with a solution. Over the last nine months I’ve been figuring out how to establish myself as an artist without the need to rely on the network of others to establish the fact. For example, when I was a production co-ordinator in the film industry, the only reason I was a production co-ordinator is because there was a group of people around me that recognised me as such. However, I cease to be one when there is no project. It’s why actors out-of-work feel embarrassed to call themselves actors because a director has not given them the opportunity to be in front of a camera; and the editor has not given them the opportunity to be in an edited film; and a network has not given them the opportunity to be exposed.  If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

And while I gladly value the work my colleagues in the film and television industries have put forward, I have to say that trusting your career in the hands of other people–especially in the volatile world of the arts–is complete and utter folly.

So, sod that. I’m going solo until my fortress is established.

Where was I? Oh yes, in the last nine months I’ve been doing a lot of researching, testing, and pulling hairs out of my head, trying to find what works best for me. I think I’m finally finding a groove, wherein one of my core skillsets–namely writing–is able to flourish on a platform where I can perform independently, and I will continue to go in that direction until I build myself the reputation I desire. Hopefully the fruits of the labour will prove that I’m heading in the right direction. Once that’s achieved, I can move back to the filmmaking industry which seriously needs lots of my attention ;).

And now, to the exciting stuff!

I’ve just finished my first book, the first in a series, called Priest: The Mark of Moloch. It’s about the solemn adventures of an exorcist-priest fighting demons, witches, and monstrous demoniacs. I’m trying to channel the otherworldly world-building of the Harry Potter books and the horror of The Exorcist in this series. Hopefully it turns out alright.  Anyway, here’s the cover:

Priest: The Mark of Moloch

Are you not entertained?! I am!

Thanks to Max Monastyrev for the cover design, and Mitchell Nolte for the illustration. You guys rock!

The book is currently being edited by The Ghostwriting Agency, and from what I’ve seen so far they’re doing a great job.

Also, I’ve decided to change the layout of my website. The old one which was apparently tailor made for writers and authors was a bit bum, and even though I paid money for it, I was unhappy with its results. So for now I’ve switched to a free template called Ignite. So far I’m liking it much better, with its great layout and great typography. If I squeeze enough value from it, I might think of upgrading to the Pro version.

Anyway, that’s all for now. In the mean time, do hit me up if you want a chat about anything, including what good horror movies to watch, or games to play, or books to read. You can e-mail me at iamjohnferdinand (at) gmail (dot) com, or my Twitter handle @imjohnferdinand.


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