About the Author

John Ferdinand began reading Goosebumps well before the recommended reading age. It did not help his sleeping schedule, but he would still wake up early on Saturday mornings to catch the television series adaptation, just to be scared all over again.

He would stay within earshot of the adults as they sat around dinner, retelling their personal ghost stories and close shaves with death. He would begin retelling these stories to friends and incorporating those elements in his own creative writing in his youth.

He might have lived in a house that was haunted. He might have understood that beyond the archetypal paranormal phenomena which shouldn’t exist (but does), it’s the morose atmosphere permeating the lives of people who dwell within such an accursed place that contains the real horror.

Other than that, he has spent the last eight years working in film, commercial, and television production.

But now it’s time to write some scary stories and shoot scary films. So don’t miss out and enter your details below to keep up to date!

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