Horror Games

On this page you’ll find horror video games that I recommend, both free games and classic games.

Classic Horror Games

Silent Hill

Silent Hill (1998)

The big daddy. Probably the greatest horror game of all time. Apart from The Exorcist, Silent Hill has probably had the single greatest influence on my horror palate — in fact if you read my story “My Mysterious Lover”, it’s very much influenced by Silent Hill 2. What’s great about it? What makes it scary are the things that you can’t see: there are noises from things you can’t see onscreen, and suggestions in the story that there is more than meets the eye. Incredibly psychological! You can find the original title on the PS Store, or you can grab the Silent Hill HD Collection on PS3 or Xbox 360 on Amazon. But quick, the fantastic, The Silent Hill Collection (PS2) is still on Amazon, and it’s very rare (only 2 left in stock at the time or writing)! It includes the best versions of Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4.

Next to be updated on the list: Haunting Ground (get it now, it’s another rare!), Scratches – Director’s Cut