Horror Movies

On this page you’ll find a regularly updated list of classic movies you should see and free ones I’ve found around the internet.

Free Online Horror Movies

Henrietta (Short Film)

I was there at the Grand Finals of the New Zealand 48 Hour Film Competition, and this film came on. Usually, 48 Hour films get the audience on their side by their irreverent silliness, but here was a film where the actors were taking a (haunted?) doll chicken rather seriously. Watch it until the end to see why I’ve added this brilliant little film to my recommendations.

Next movies on the list to be updated: Mama (short)

Classic Horror Movies

The Orphanage

Tomas in "The Orphanage" by J.A Bayona

The first movie I thought of putting in here, because it excels in all the right areas of a horror film and then some. The take on dead ghost children is chilling, the main lady’s descent into madness is well acted, there are some dreadfully suspenseful moments (especially the séance scene!), and a couple of really good jump scares done well. It stars Belen Rueda, a gorgeous Spanish actress who also appeared in another good horror flick Julia’s Eyes, and it’s directed by J.A Bayona, who did the critically acclaimed tsunami disaster film The Impossible.

You can buy it on Amazon Instant Video here, or you can purchase the DVD version here. Either way, it’s a must have in your collection!

Next movies on the list to be updated: REC, The Exorcist

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